Emmaus College Celebration of Learning Awards recognises year 7-12 students

HUNDREDS of Emmaus College secondary school students were awarded for their academic, sporting, cultural, leadership and community achievements during the Celebration of Learning Awards ceremony on Tuesday.

The coveted OP eligible Academic Excellence Award went to Tristan Sing while Alby Gillis took home the Vocational Pathways – Academic Excellence Award.

Mr Sing, who also won the Chemistry, English, Study of Religion and Physics subject awards, said he would pursue a degree in Biomedical Science and look to move into pharmaceuticals.

“I feel like I really tried to get this award this year...it means a lot to me,” he said.

“It has been a lot of work and I have applied myself.”

Mr Gillis hauled awards across a range of specialties including the Year 12 ADF Leadership Award and recognition for completing Certificate III in Screen and Media.

Mr Gillis thanked the Emmaus College community for opening career pathways for the future.

“I think it is a reflection of how others have helped me and how I helped myself with everything I have accomplished,” he said.

“After I graduate I will miss a lot of my friends and having that ability to network.”

Emmaus College principal Kevin Schwede said 2018 had been a strong year for the school, particularly in the fields of academic achievement and culture.

“We have had a lot more students getting awards this year because we have had real growth in achievement across the school,” he said.

“This year’s award winners worked really hard. They worked with their peers, staff and families to achieve the best they can and we are very proud of them.”

Logan councillor Trevina Schwarx presented the Logan City Council – All Rounder Award for students in years seven to 11 to Sheridan Wilson.

Major award winners

Year 10 ADF Leadership Award: Harrison Petterson

Year 12 ADF Leadership Award and Vocational Pathways – Academic Excellence Award: Alby Gillis

Sportsperson of the Year Award: Laura Kenny

Cultural Person of the Year Award: Ruby Turner

Logan Country Chamber of Commerce Community Involvement Award Year 7-11: Caitlyn Burgess

Logan City Council – All Rounder Award 7-11: Sheridan Wilson

Year 7-12 Academic Study Encouragement Award: Emily Yuan

Academic Excellence Award: Tristan Sing

Caltex All Rounder Award: Callum Eggerling

Striving for Success Award: Alissa Schuller

Pierre de Coubertin Award: Jett Trembath