Scenic Rim welcomes crowds of day trippers to Farm Gate Trail

SUNNY skies, warm temperatures and space to breathe guaranteed the Scenic Rim Farm Gate Trail would be a success.

Hundreds of visitors flocked to farms across the region to taste the freshest of produce, picnic in the paddocks and see first hand how their food is made.

After south-east Queensland agricultural shows including the Ekka were cancelled for the second year in a row, locals and city visitors took the opportunity to spend a day touring farms, cafes and breweries.

The day trippers, armed with cooler bags and Farm Gate Trail maps, took advantage of the perfect weather for a drive in the country, tasting all the Scenic Rim has to offer, fresh from the farm.

Children were delighted to meet the animals and learn where there food comes from, while adults enjoyed the open spaces and live entertainment on offer.

Audrey Quince, who arrived at Towri Sheep Cheeses with a group from Hervey Bay, said she was excited to visit working farms.

"We didn't know what we were going to see when we set off," she said.

"I really enjoyed seeing some camels and sheep."

This year was the second time the Scenic Rim Farm Gate Trail was held in response to COVID related show cancellations.

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