The new-look national fire warning symbols

At top from left to right: New warning icons - Advice, Watch and Act, Emergency.
At top from left to right: New warning icons - Advice, Watch and Act, Emergency.

New warning icons have been introduced to help standardise warnings across the country.

The new icons are on the Fires Near Me website and the Fires Near Me app.

But while the look has changed, the message remains the same, said NSW Rural Fire Service spokesman Greg Allan.

The yellow triangle means "Advice" - a fire has started, there is no immediate danger but stay up to date in case the situation changes.

The orange triangle means "Watch and Act" - there is a heightened level of threat, conditions are changing and you need to start taking action now to protect you and your family.

And the red triangle is "Emergency Warning". An Emergency Warning is the highest level of bushfire alert. It means you may be in danger and need to take action immediately. Any delay could put your life at risk.

Mr Allan said: "We're aiming to bring consistency across the board on advice and warnings. The changes will help especially in those areas that have cross-border fires."

It is part of a new Australian Warning System and was one of the recommendations to come out of the NSW bushfire inquiry.

The inquiry said, to provide greater consistency in public information and warnings, especially in border areas, the finalisation of the system should be prioritised.

Mr Allan said that all states and territories bordering NSW have implemented the same changes this summer.

"Although the look has changed, the names and what they mean hasn't."


He advised people to upgrade the app to ensure they received the updated warnings.

Mr Allan also said that in the future it is hoped that similar national standards will be used to warn people of floods, storms and other extreme weather.

He also issued a warning that, while there has been a lot of recent rain along the eastern seaboard, west of the Mountains there was still potential danger of fires, including fast-moving grass fires. Mr Allan said people should be aware that there was still a risk of fire in many inland areas.

What is the Australian Warning System?

The Australian Warning System is a new national approach to information and warnings during emergencies and natural disasters like bush fire, flood, storm, extreme heat and severe weather.

The system uses a nationally consistent set of icons, like those above, to show incidents on websites and apps.

The system has been designed based on feedback and research across the country, and aims to deliver a more consistent approach to these types of emergencies.

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