Video - West Sentinel Drive residents fed up with vandals, hoons and prowlers on their properties, urge for more police patrols on Greenbank street

Man confronts prowlers in his underpants

A Greenbank man chased hooded figures off his property, dressed only in his underpants, in one of many incidents which have neighbours calling for more police in the area.

West Sentinel Drive residents say prowlers, hoons and vandals have them on the brink of selling their properties and leaving the suburb.

They say the peace of the street off Pub Lane has been shattered by teens tearing up and down the street on unregistered motorbikes, paying little attention to drivers and posing a danger to pedestrians.

CCTV cameras have captured footage of prowlers at night, with one man saying his daughter was watched through a bedroom window while studying for university.

In one incident last month, he confronted people on his property while clad only in his underpants.

They had covered his car in flour, eggs and milk.

The man said he was not the only one who had people on his property during the night.

"When we spoke to our neighbours, the wife said the same thing, but she thought she had imagined it," the man, who did not want to be named, said.

"We have been talking in the street about it. Everyone in the street ... they are not very happy about it.

"Ninety per cent of people aren't happy living here.

"Everyone has been complaining to the police. They do nothing."

School holidays have turned a weekend motorbike problem into an everyday occurrence. The man said it was only a matter of time until someone was seriously hurt by dangerous motorbike riders.

"In the school holidays, they're doing it every bloody day," he said.

"They don't look for cars. They're on their back wheels up the road and down the road.

"People pay for their registration and licence, and get in trouble for speeding, but people on unregistered bikes, nothing happens,".

He urged police to come and see the problems for themselves.

"Patrol the area and listen," the man said.

"If you stood anywhere, you can listen for the motorbikes."

The man said he planned to sell up and leave the area, and others had already gone.

"I'm already thinking about it, and one man has already sold up and gone."

Another woman said she had made dozens of calls to police.

But a Jimboomba police spokesman said the area was a high priority for patrols because of nearby Teviot Downs Soccer Club's facility.

He urged residents to keep reporting the issues to give police the information they needed to catch offenders.

"I can't guarantee we patrol there every day, but we do patrol there," he said.

"We understand their frustration.

"We have to have date, time, place and identification to give to the court."

Division 11 councillor Natalie Willcocks encouraged residents to make authorities aware.

"I would encourage all residents to report any criminal behaviour to the police," she said.

Cr Willcocks said she would welcome the chance to meet with residents, police and council officers to hear their concerns about crime in their neighbourhood.

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