Residents welcome Queensland border closure to limit spread of COVID-19, but it should have happened sooner

Border closure a good move, but should have happened sooner, readers say

Residents have welcomed the plan to close Queensland's borders to NSW and the ACT, but some say it should have happened sooner after last week's cluster emerged at a Logan school.

Jimboomba Times readers took to social media to praise Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk for turning all travellers away as the government said the risk to Queensland businesses recovering from restrictions was too great.

Some have also slammed people for putting others in danger by flouting the government's guidelines. Victoria reported a record number of cases in the past 24 hours, and Matt Tomlinson said Queensland residents' actions put everyone at risk of another lockdown.

"Unfortunately it's proving that people from our own state are our own worst enemy at the moment," Mr Tomlinson wrote.

"The borders should be closed earlier to restrict all tourism and non-essential travel.

"Queensland is in a great position to persevere through this latest wave of cases if we act now and have zero community transmissions this coming week."

Anothony van der Draai agreed.

"It's irresponsible citizens that's causing Queensland's dramas," he wrote.

"They have no regard for their fellow citizens and or businesses."

Belinda Jensen wrote people could not be trusted to be honest enough to make the situation work.

"The Premier made it clear that if people could be honest and do the right thing, it wouldn't have come to this," she wrote.

At least Queenslanders will still be able to travel and do business within Queensland this way, which is better than nothing at all

Michelle Clare

"Although I'm not sure an honesty system was ever going to work, unfortunately."

Michelle Clare wrote that it was a minority of irresponsible people risking the rest.

"It's unfortunate that the majority of people do the right thing, with a select few which ruin it for everyone," she wrote.

"Based on the amount of people being caught lying, you'd have to assume there's a lot more that didn't get caught, we eventually would have ended up in a lockdown situation due to this and unable to travel or do any non-essential business.

"This would be substantially more detrimental to our state economy than shutting the border is.

"While it's not an ideal situation, it's definitely the right choice.

"At least Queenslanders will still be able to travel and do business within Queensland this way, which is better than nothing at all."

Quicker action was needed, according to Caroline Jarden. Ms Palaszczuk should have kept the borders closed from the start.

"I agree with closing the borders, but it should be done now, it shouldn't wait until Saturday," she wrote.

"I think our government has done a pretty good job, although I don't believe the borders should have been opened."

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