Devastated owners say they were not aware of beautiful horse's fame as community unites to hail Caesar

Cameron Arklay with Caesar.
Cameron Arklay with Caesar.

The owners of a beloved Flagstone horse have been touched as tributes pour in, saying they only found out how much he meant to the community after his death.

Caesar, a gentle giant of a Clydesdale, was euthanised after a battle with colic.

The five-year-old was a huge hit with the local children, who used to stop, feed and pat him while walking past his fence.

But his devastated owners, Jade and Cameron Arklay, said they were not aware of his fame.

Mrs Arklay said the couple worked nights, and were asleep during the day when the kids came calling for Caesar, who she said was absolutely beautiful.

She first became aware on Sunday, while visiting the paddock where Caesar was buried.

Seven-year-old Kelsie Davies approached the fence, carrying a bag of hay which she was going to give to Caesar.

It was heartbreaking to tell her that he had gone to heaven

Jade Arklay

Mrs Arklay said she had to tell her that he had died.

"It was heartbreaking to tell her that he had gone to heaven," she said.

"She said she goes quite often to pat him. I thought what a beautiful little girl."

Mrs Arklay took to Facebook to try and find the girl, so she could give her a gift as thanks, and her post had a huge response.

Caesar's reputation in Flagstone began to dawn on them.

Little Kelsie was one adoring fan. Her mum Kirsten Davies said Kelsie was obsessed with horses.

"She's right into it at the moment," Mrs Davies said.

"She's got a big collection of horse things. Her favourite thing to do is brush them.

"She wants her own horse one day."

The post received a flood of best wishes from concerned neighbours, who shared pictures and videos of him from his regular walks with Mrs Arklay.

"I'm so sad for you," Kirsty Carr wrote.

"My kiddies love coming to see your magnificent horse at the back of the fence."

Chantelle Gardner-Hudson also took to Facebook to pass on her thoughts.

Popular horse: Caesar's owner Jade Arklay described her horse as a gentle giant.

Popular horse: Caesar's owner Jade Arklay described her horse as a gentle giant.

"I am so sorry for your loss," she said.

"What a sweet little girl, she must have been devastated to have heard that your horse had passed.

"You have such a sweet caring heart to leave a little gift for this little princess."

Others had posted, saying they knew Caesar from seeing him.

"People were saying please tell me it's not that Clydesdale," Mrs Arklay said.

"I didn't realise how many people took photos of us as we walked past."

The couple saved their tax returns for two years to buy Caesar from a Sunshine Coast breeder.

The Arklays wanted to give him a good life after his hard work.

"We only had him for two-and-a-half years," Mrs Arklay said.

"He was our first horse, and he will certainly be our last.

"No horse could ever come close to him."

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