Police re-unite man with bonsai trees after Springwood robbery, Crestmead man charged

Returned: A man has been reunited with his bonsai trees.

Returned: A man has been reunited with his bonsai trees.

A bonsai tree owner who grew and shaped the plants to celebrate his children's birth has had them returned after a robbery.

The trees were found by police during a Crestmead search this week, after they were stolen from a Springwood unit.

Police said the trees had been returned to the owner after the incident.

A 28-year-old Crestmead man will face court on October 8, charged with burglary and stealing.

A police spokesman said the owner was pleased to be reunited with his trees.

"Getting the trees returned to him was very special for both the rightful owner and the investigating officer," the spokesman said.

"This really was an excellent outcome and the positive result is thanks to high quality CCTV footage, along with a strong communication line between the local community and police.

"It's always fantastic to recover stolen property, but it's even more meaningful when you know the property is as priceless to the owner as it was in this case."