Photos - Hundreds of shoppers turn out for opening of Flagstone Coles

Shoppers flocked to the opening of Flagstone's Coles supermarket this morning.

They were lined up from daybreak to be the first inside the new store on Gates Road.

The first through the door at 7am was Flagstone man Sean White, who was at the store just before 4.30am.

"I woke up early and thought why not, I'll come down."

"It's no big deal," he said of being the first through the door.

"I just thought I would get my stuff and go home."

They were letting in shoppers in groups of 100 for the first couple of hours, but visitors slowed down from about 10am to a gentle steam.

The store has created 75 new jobs.

Manager Steve Kwiatkowski was happy the doors were open.

"I am extremely happy to be open today to service the community," he said.

"We are servicing local jobs and servicing local sales."

Mr P's Bakery also opened its doors to the public this morning.

Owner Michael Petersen said it was a tough time to open a new business, but time would tell if it was a success.

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