New Beith resident Cheryl Ueberdiek inspires campaign to deliver dog and chicken food to drought affected farmers

TEARS of joy were running down the face of one Granite Belt farmer as 24 tonnes of dog and chicken food were delivered as part of a fundraising campaign on October 12.

DELIVERY: New Beith resident Cheryl Ueberdiek with the daughter of a farmer in the Granite Belt.

DELIVERY: New Beith resident Cheryl Ueberdiek with the daughter of a farmer in the Granite Belt.

New Beith resident Cheryl Ueberdiek was able to transport thousands of dollars worth of dog food to farmers at Warwick, Stanthorpe and Texas.

The campaign was launched on September 25 after Ms Ueberdiek learned many farmers could not afford to feed their dogs.

An initial target to deliver 11 tonnes of dog food was doubled due to generous community support from donors including Harvey Towing and Maclean's Produce.

Ms Ueberdiek said it was a very fulfilling experience to provide support to hard working desperate Australians.

"Hundreds of families benefited from the dog food. It was spread widely," she said.

"I had a conversation with one lady who had been buying water every week before she realised it was free.

"They fitted it into their budget by sacrificing toilet paper and she was okay with that.

"Hearing some of the stories left me and my husband thinking that it was at a third world standard."

It was an emotional trip as some farmers cried, smiled and expressed their gratitude.

Ms Ueberdiek thanked the Logan businesses and individuals who donated generously to support the campaign.

"It was fantastic to see the community and businesses rallied together," she said.

"We had donation coming in for weeks at several drop off points...if it weren't for them we wouldn't have been able to do this in the first place."

The Ueberdiek family were invited to support the Let it Pour drought relief campaign at Goondiwindi on October 25.

The campaign is supported by the Great Northern Lager Brewing Company and Rotary Australia and will be carried out across thousands of pubs across Australia.