TMR proposal blocks right-turn access to Logan Village medical precinct

RIGHT-hand turn access to a pharmacy, medical clinic and pub would be blocked if a proposal to widen a section of Waterford Tamborine Road in Logan Village is approved.

OPPOSED: Logan Village resident Joyce Brunswick with Aleida and Bernard Vandenberg at the Logan Village pharmacy. Photo: Jacob Wilson

OPPOSED: Logan Village resident Joyce Brunswick with Aleida and Bernard Vandenberg at the Logan Village pharmacy. Photo: Jacob Wilson

The Department of Main Roads and Transport released their concept design for the four-lane project from Anzac Avenue to North Street last month.

It includes construction of a median barrier blocking right-turn access to Logan street and some businesses.

Southbound motorists would need to complete a U-turn at Anzac Avenue to access the Logan Village medical precinct and Logan Village Hotel

Right-turn access to Wharf Street would be maintained, but motorists would only be able to turn left from Wharf Street onto Waterford Tamborine Road.

Access to Woolworths and the BP petrol station will remain unchanged.

This comes after the completion of a $11.03 million signalised intersection at North Street in August.

Logan Village Pharmacy manager Stephen Sammut and surrounding businesses have rallied support for a petition, with more than 1000 signatures opposing the proposal.

Mr Sammut said the proposed change would confuse a large number of elderly residents who have relied on the pharmacy for years.

"A lot of our patients have debilitating conditions and we are worried that they will not have direct access to their health care needs," he said.

"Many of our patients come from an over 50's lifestyle village, a lot of them are older than 75 and they would need to do a big loop or go through the traffic lights and take the back roads."

A spokesperson for TMR said some existing right-turn lanes would be maintained and U-turns would be permitted at the Anzac Avenue and North Street traffic lights

"The proposed upgrade will future proof this essential link by increasing capacity and improving traffic flow on Waterford Tamborine Road," the spokesperson said.

"The local traffic changes would mean minimal changes to travel routes of less than one kilometre on the local network."

However, Logan Village doctor Subburaj Selvaraj said even a one minute delay could put patient safety at risk in an emergency.

"Some people come (to the clinic) and they think they are having a heart attack, they have to be in hospital within minutes to save their heart," he said.

"If there is one patient who will need that extra minute for help it can make a big difference to their life."

Mr Sammut said there was an average of 10 ambulance callous to the medical precinct every week.

"A lot of the locals have been coming to the medical centre for ever and use it like a hospital because they have built trust with their doctors to the point that they will come here with a serious ailment," he said.

Logan Village resident Joyce Brunswick and Bernard Vandenberg, from Park Ridge, are among patients who have relied on an ambulance to transport them from the Logan Village medical precinct to Logan Hospital.

Ms Brunswick said blocking right-hand access to the area did not make sense.

"How is an ambulance supposed to get in here? They would have to do a U-turn and that is not good," she said.

Bernard's wife, Aleida Vandenberg, said she was not impressed with the road project.

"We don't like it. We have been coming here since 1996," she said.

Logan MP Linus Power said he was empathetic to the concerns of Logan Village businesses and residents.

"As soon as TMR put forward the proposal, I knew local businesses would be concerned," he said.

"I've met with them and put their concerns to TMR about their ability to have a right-turn.

"It might mean more expenditure, but keeping the right-turn is something I'm pushing for TMR to do."

Logan Country Safe City chairman David Kenny said the proposed plan would exacerbate congestion on the North Street intersection, in close proximity to a school zone.

"Advice from residents in Logan Village is that the new lights at the North Road intersection (will) give priority to through traffic on Waterford-Tamborine Road and restrict the egress of vehicles from North Street, including vehicles wanting to exit the Woolworths car-park," he said.

"We are very disappointed that an overall upgrade plan for Waterford-Tamborine Road wasn't provided for Community Consultation before the roundabout at North Street was removed."

TMR will close public consultation into the proposed project on October 11.

People are encouraged to contact the project team on 1300 311 253 or email