Housing Heroes has advanced selling methods like never seen before

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Good will: The Royal Flying Doctors service received $250 after being nominated by a seller through the Helping Heroes program.

Good will: The Royal Flying Doctors service received $250 after being nominated by a seller through the Helping Heroes program.

A Greenbank real estate agency has taken a whole new approach to the property market aiming at giving back to the community.

Housing Heroes has formatted unique and advanced selling methods that share commission with the entire community to help its members buy and sell property.

The traditional real estate agency model is dead, according to Housing Heroes director Mike Kelly.

"We can do everything the traditional agents can do, but they can't do everything we can do. Our bolt on credit licence lets us lend deposit funds to the buyers," he said.

"By holding an additional licence (not held by traditional agents) and owning the trademark to two unique advanced selling methods, Housing Heroes gives both buyers and sellers the 'Housing Heroes Advantage'."

Traditionally a real estate agent is limited to making a house more attractive to a buyer by reducing the price.

"That's not good enough. We have a better way that puts more money in our seller's pocket."

Housing Heroes has a range of exclusive programs on offer that include the Deposit Layby® program where the commission is lent back to the buyer so they can use is it as top-up deposit funds.

"If we make it easier to buy, we make it easier to sell," Mike said.

Is this the Housing Hero?

Is this the Housing Hero?

"We are the only agency that will lend our agency commission to the buyers to help them with their deposit to secure finance."

Local Legends™ allows the agency to shares its commission with local businesses, team members and their customers and clients, and Mike said they were the only agency to do this.

With the Mates Rates™ program, any member of the community can give their family and friends a $500 Mates Rates discount voucher (Housing Heroes swaps it for $500 cash at settlement) to either buy or sell a home through the agency - including anyone reading this.

"We also pay $500 to the person who made the referral as well. We pay these referral rewards out of our agency commissions," said Mike.

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Agent Alliance™ enables any agent from any agency to sell Housing Heroes' listings. If they bring the buyer, the agency pays them fifty per cent of its commission.

If that isn't enough, Mike and his team also offer a Helping Heroes program donating $250 from every sale to a registered charity of the seller's choice.

"We give our sellers a written guarantee that we'll put more money in our seller's pocket than any traditional agent. We call it our Best Value Agency Guarantee™."

Housing Heroes is running a competition where a listed house is sold free each month. Propertys sold in that month goes into a hat where one is drawn out. The commission is then refunded to the lucky winning seller.