Meet Logan City Council's interim administrator Tamara O'Shea

INTERIM administrator of Logan City Council Tamara O'Shea has laid out three priorities before local government elections are held in March next year.

ON THE JOB: Interim administrator of Logan City Council Tamara O'Shea is working on the 2019-20 Budget.

ON THE JOB: Interim administrator of Logan City Council Tamara O'Shea is working on the 2019-20 Budget.

Ms O'Shea was appointed last week after the Queensland government intervened to dismiss all councillors after the Crime and Corruption Commission charged seven councillors and suspended mayor Luke Smith with integrity offences.

As administrator, Ms O'Shea has the power and responsibilities of the mayor and councillors.

Ms O'Shea spoke to the media after a tour of Logan City Council's plant fleet services depot and Marsden library on Friday.

Continuity of essential services, stable leadership and transparency were listed as priorities.

When asked if video broadcasting of council meetings should be considered, Ms O'Shea said it would be investigated.

"I would like to look at the pros and cons of videoing and look at what other councils are doing and set up a framework for the next council in March next year to make some informed decisions," she said.

Ms O'Shea said the Logan community could expect all local government services to continue without disruption.

"Libraries are open, bins will be emptied, parks will be maintained and development applications will continue to be processed," she said.

"The residents of Logan can have every confidence that the 1800-strong staff at council are continuing to serve them..."

Ms O'Shea said she would not be a caretaker administrator but was conscious of not wanting to make decisions which could be unwound by an incoming elected council.

"I would like to clearly understand what we need to do to make council transparent and more accountable to the public," she said.

"(However), I don't want to commit a council to something it may not wish to do which is not critical to the business of Logan.

"Any reforms I put need to stand the test of time."

Ms O'Shea's main focus is the 2019-20 Budget which is due to be handed down in a matter of months.

A process is underway to form an Interim Management Committee to provide advice on council matters.

Local Government Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said it was his intention to offer committee positions to the non-suspended councillors Laurie Koranski, Darren power, Lisa Bradley and Jon Raven.