Greenbank girl Jade Smith helps state team to national victory

GREENBANK hockey player Jade Smith has helped her under-18 women's team to claim national victory.

A Brisbane Hockey spokesperson said Ms Smith's team overcame a two-goal deficit to defeat New South Wales 3-2 at the Australian Under-18 Hockey Championships.

The spokesperson said New South Wales had a 2-0 lead before Queensland scored three times in six minutes at the end of the match, describing the win as miraculous.

The Queensland men's side were also victorious at the competition hosted at Hobart on April 17, beating Western Australia 7-1 in their final.

The Queensland men's team had eased to a comfortable lead throughout the final.

Queensland and NSW Blue were joint winners of the women's Play The Whistle award, with the Australian Capital Territory claiming the Play The Whistle award in the men's.

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