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LETTERS: Let us know what you think. Email jtletters@fairfaxmedia.com.au. Include your full name and address.
LETTERS: Let us know what you think. Email jtletters@fairfaxmedia.com.au. Include your full name and address.


THANK you Queensland. It has been fantastic to see individuals, local communities and businesses united to tackle one of the worst droughts on record. There’s one thing that unites us when there’s a crisis. Australians want to dig in and help.

We would like to thank everyone across the state who has taken time to support farmers, their families and others through this terrible drought.

Recently in some areas of Queensland, there has been a little rain, though it hardly wet the surface.

It is going to be a long, hard road ahead for farmers. It’s uplifting to see so many people sticking together and lending a hand through these tough times.

While droughts place emotional strains on people who rely on the land to make a living, farmers have been telling volunteers it means the world to them that so many Australians want to help out.

Drought-affected farmers are showing remarkable strength, coping with determination in the face of huge hardships. Financial assistance is available: farmers can go to the Country Women’s Association website and fill out a simple form:www.qcwa.org.au

Judy Slatyer, CEO, Australian Red Cross

Joy Coulson, President, Queensland Country Women’s Association


WE would like to say a big thank you to south-west Logan residents for their support of Foodbank through the Woolworths winter fundraising appeal. With demand for food relief outstripping supply, you have helped warm-up winter for some of the most vulnerable people in the community.

Sixteen years and 16 million kilograms of food donated – that is the equivalent to more than 30 million meals donated to Foodbank by Woolworths since it all began in 2002.

This winter, that number is growing even larger, providing much needed help to some of the 3.2 million Australians who require food relief assistance each year.

By generously adding so many $2 Foodbank tokens to shopping trolleys, south-west Logan City residents helped us reach our national goal providing 762,948 meals to Australian families in need.

With each $2 token enabling Foodbank to provide four warming meals, Queensland contributed 235,468 meals.

With 40 per cent of food insecure households families having dependent children, the funds raised during the winter appeal help struggling families make ends meet.

Thank you once again for your generosity .

Ryan Lancaster, Local Woolworths group manager