Blue Cedar Furniture Work will revatiise your house via home improvements

FLASH FORWARD: Let your imagination go wild when you are restyling or revamping your home.

FLASH FORWARD: Let your imagination go wild when you are restyling or revamping your home.

Advertising feature:

HOME improvements, refurbishment design and the craftsmanship of cabinetmaking come naturally to Blue Cedar Furniture Works who are experts in their trade.

The business specialises in home renovations and upgrades kitchens using stone and all current finishes. 

Blue Cedar Furniture Works owner Tim Muscat is a qualified and experienced professional with 25 years of industry experience behind him and a wealth of knowledge. 

"Everything is about soft closed draws at the moment," he said. 

"The modern look is of cleaner lines. 

"We do laminate metal lines splash backs which gives you seamless lines, no grout lines and bench tops for under $3500 which can transform your kitchen the affordable way. 

“If you get a qualified person to install you'll always end up with a better finish. 

"Get a modern look into your kitchen at a low price and we will make the process simpler and ultimately make your life easier.”

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Mr Muscat said by mixing up style you get a different look altogether. 

"I enjoy being creative and making stuff custom made and we embrace the challenges which come with that." 

Mr Muscat said stone overlay bench tops can transform your kitchen the affordable way.

"Stone overlay bench tops are an affordable way to revamp your kitchen and look and feel similar to real stone at a fraction of the cost and time involved,” he said.

"They're durable, scratch and stain resistant, heat ressistant, durable, hard wearing, hygienic and easy to clean.

"It provides a modern look for your kitchen at a low price and the process is simpler and ultimately will make your life easier."

Mr Muscat said their clients throughout the south eats corridor are different with individual requirements.

"We're a small team and when you deal with us you deal with us the entire way through the job. 

"It's all measured and made, assembled and installed by the business. 

"We have full control over the products and we ensure customers get exactly what they want.  

"We provide personalised service to fit those differing needs and can help with kitchen renovations and cabinetry needs so call today for measure and quote." 

Timber features like Jarrah and Silky Oak are used. There’s also integrated lighting and featured lighting. 

For more information visit Unit 1/20 Tradelink Rd or telephone (07) 3800 4194. It's open Monday to Friday: 7.30am to 4pm. They're closed Saturday but available by appointment. Visit today and reap the rewards.