Noah builds inspiration

INSPIRATION: Noah McCormack was a finalist in the DANII Foundation's Little Courage Award for people with Type 1 diabetes.

INSPIRATION: Noah McCormack was a finalist in the DANII Foundation's Little Courage Award for people with Type 1 diabetes.

Noah McCormack, 7, of Jimboomba may not have won but as a finalist in the recent Little Courage Awards, he remains a winner in his family’s eyes.

Noah was diagnosed at age four with  type 1 diabetes diagnosis and his attitude and courage remains inspirational to all who know him.

The DANII Foundation’s Justin Melvey Little Courage Award was presented by former Home and Away actor, Justin Melvey in Sydney on November 14 .  Melvey and his brother has diabetes and lost another brother to the disease.

The DANII Foundation is Australia’s leading support group for Australian’s with type 1 diabetes and is being promoted for World Diabetes Day on November 14.

“I nominated Noah for the little courage award because he doesn't let this disease stop him one bit. He has ridden the roller coaster ride through all of its up and downs of type 1 diabetes; with the most incredible positive attitude a small person could have,” Noah’s mother Kate said.

“Noah loves extreme sports. He rides his motorbike with his insulin pump and CGM (continuous glucose monitor) in tow and does not let this stop him.He has shown me the true definition of courage and that fear won't stop him. He lives life to the absolute fullest and has incredibly big dreams he will grow into.  he has already taught me a lot about life.”  

Noah’s grandmother Jill Tilney of Jimboomba who travelled to Sydney with Noah and his parents said the experience was good for Noah who could be around peers who suffered the same condition.

“These kids are all winners in our eyes.  It was a very humbling experience,” she said.

Unlike Type 2 Diabetes there is no cure for Type 1 Diabetes, nor is much known about the cure. Those living with Type 1 Diabetes and their carers juggle a daily life of monitoring and assessment of blood sugar and all the issues that effect it.

“Things most of us take for granted, like food, exercise and stress can have serious impacts on a Type 1 Diabetic. For those who manage this disease and live full lives they are true heroes.”  founder of the DANII Foundation Donna Meads-Barlow said.

Ms  Meads-Barlow is the mother of Daniella, who died in her sleep as a result of type 1 diabetes, at age 17.

“We would love to see a cure, but simply we can’t wait as we then ignore the daily impact Type 1 diabetes has on 140,000 Australians who live with it.  Our advocacy led to a $54M funding program for the lifesaving Continuous Glucose Monitors in April this year (CGM’s alarm when blood sugar is dangerously low or high) for Australians under 21 with type 1 diabetes. We are now advocating this technology is available to every Australian with type 1 diabetes,” she said.

Ms Tilney said Noah wore a Continual Glucose Monitor and until he did the family did not realise how often he slipped below his glucose levels while he was sleeping.  The monitor which is worn on his arm connects to his and his parent’s blue tooth, warning how many times he sleeps below his range.

“We are so grateful that this is now being subsidised. It used to cost  about $100 a week. There were a few at the awards who had lost loved ones over night,  This is life saving technology that he is wearing on his arm,” Ms Tilney said.