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Have you got a treasured antique or family airloom in your home?
Have you got a treasured antique or family airloom in your home?

There’s a fair chance we all have a few precious and maybe valuable hand me down antiques from various periods stored away somewhere in our homes. 

Perhaps these family heirlooms are stashed in the attic, or forgotten in a storeroom, or maybe it’s a voluminous container down at the bottom end of the garden. 

Sadly these items of yester year are too antiquated for most of us and do not fit into our modern lives any more. 

Regardless of this, it is important to note that historical pieces were made with pride, assembled over time and definitely not in a day. 

Furniture that was built then was finely crafted made to endure down through the ages. Time and natural events would ultimately change the look of the piece but mostly it would just add charm and character which would eventually be the reason for the antique classification. 

The antique markets are diverse, complex and always changing. 

The long established furniture  with period craftsmanship are items of beauty and value if, held in the right hands but at the end of the day it all boils down to what the antique enthusiast is willing to pay.

So whether you have lived amongst antiques your whole life or you have just discovered a present from the past in a shop or hiding in your home, antiques can be esteemed as truly beautiful items that surely add interest and value to our lives.

- Tracy Brussow