Letters to the editor: Community viewpoints

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Send an email of 300 words or less to jtletters@fairfaxmedia.com.au. Supply name, address and contact number.

Rail on track for 2025

I THINK it is ridiculous they are putting freight rail through practically suburbia at a much more frequent rate as well as trains being longer and double-deckers.

As far as I can tell it will be going through Flagstone, North Maclean, Greenbank etc and with all the development in those areas one could not refer to it as semi-rural these days. Already the trains that go through are much noisier than they used to be either from clearing of bush or the use of concrete sleepers. Heaven help us when this starts to happen.

- D. Worthington, via Facebook

WHAT about trains for the people first then freight?

- T. Windeatt, via Facebook

BETTER still, fight to stop the inland rail and uncovered coal trains and you have a better chance of getting passenger.​

- L. Robinson, via Facebook

IF THE railway was there first, they have the right to increase traffic to whatever level they want.

If you ask me it's criminal that rail is so underutilised (and underdeveloped) in a country as vast as ours. There'd be several more trains going between Melbourne and Brisbane right now if they didn't have to go through Sydney and Newcastle.

- A. Clydesdale, via Facebook

DON’t mind the freight/coal trains etc, it's gotta go somewhere, but can't understand why Queensland Rail won't put a diesel passenger service on now in peak hour times. Build a park and ride at Greenbank and one at Jimboomba/Flagstone. Springfield is overflowing by 7am. The track is already there, and most of the freight comes through at night anyway so the line sits unused most of the day.

- J. Broadbent, via Facebook

CONSULTATION with the community is really poor. Here we have an additional rail business being built at the expense of residents along the existing rail corridor with material changes of use to the existing infrastructure.

Lot of questions, few answers and no commitments to minimise impacts to the affected community. Poor form.

- P. Prieditis, via Facebook

SPEND the money upgrading the Mount Lindesay ‘Goat Track’ first!

- B. Hinson, via Facebook

Police Remembrance Day

RIP Heroes.

Thank you for all your amazing service to keep us safe.

- M. Pomerenke, via Facebook

THEY are all heroes.

Thanks to our police.

- W. Plinge Senior, via Facebook