Waste transfer and recycling concerns spark council response

NOTHING FROM NSW: Logan City Council's Browns Plains Waste and Recycling Facility. Photo: Supplied
NOTHING FROM NSW: Logan City Council's Browns Plains Waste and Recycling Facility. Photo: Supplied

REVELATIONS about household recycling and the interstate transfer of waste from NSW to Queensland on the ABC’s Four Corners program this week prompted a number of residents to contact Logan City Council asking about recycling practices.

The episode investigated a network of waste-transporting companies alleged to have sent rubbish to Queensland via road and rail freight, in order to dodge NSW landfill levies.

Deputy mayor and division 8 councillor Cherie Dalley responded swiftly, providing residents with a snapshot of what happens to recyclables in the local government area.

“Logan City Council waste and recycling facilities do not receive waste from interstate,” she said.

”LCC provides recycling collection via the yellow lid wheelie bins to residents and offers the same service to commercial premises upon request.

“The recycling bins accept paper, cardboard, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and containers, steel tins and aluminium cans.

“Council also provides recycling drop off facilities at each of its five waste and recycling facilities at Browns Plains, Carbrook, Greenbank, Beenleigh and Logan Village for the same materials.”

Recyclables delivery

According to Cr Dalley, recyclable material collected in the yellow lid wheelie bins and the waste and recycling facilities are delivered to Visy Recycling at Gibson Island, Brisbane.

“Under council’s recycling contract with Visy, Visy are required to recycle all materials received into useable items,” she said.

“Council also has mechanisms available to undertake its own audits of Visy’s operations.

“Council and/or its independent contractor undertakes twice-yearly audits of the composition of LCC recyclables delivered to the Visy Recycling plant.”

There have been no indications in Logan City Council audits to suggest that recyclable materials delivered to Visy are not being recycled, Cr Dalley said.