So It Goes: Seriously, Africa?

I should have learned the order of the signs of the zodiac.

But instead, I boldly strode where no man had gone before. I announced that I would learn the countries in Africa.

My new year’s motto is to be the best I can be and so I decided that knowing all things African would hopefully be of some use to the trivia team I play with.  Every week, my humiliation at  knowing practically nothing except the most basic of questions (and everyone knows these answers) drives me forward in a quest for knowledge.  It must be noted here that I am still at the driving forward stage and haven’t actually supped at the fountain as yet.

I decided that 2017 was the time to take that first drink. 

I announced my intention on Facebook and a team member responded  that perhaps I should learn the capitals and flags as well. 

Why sip from the fountain when you can take massive gulps? And so the commitment was made.  And all before checking the map. 

The map I looked at was nicely coloured in various shades of purple and pink.  Uh oh. These colours are the countries and  Africa is some intricate patchwork.

And so, every day I stare at the map heading on my own mental safari and hoping for some sort of osmosis to take place.  I may not be learning the countries too quickly,  I have learned why all things geographic have never been my forte.    

 – Linda Muller