How Wright voted at the polls

ELECTION: Rod Smith took a slew of votes from the LNP on Saturday. Photo: Georgina Bayly
ELECTION: Rod Smith took a slew of votes from the LNP on Saturday. Photo: Georgina Bayly

The LNP has retained the seat of Wright, but not without losing a slew of votes to One Nation candidate Rod Smith.

Incumbent member for Wright Scott Buchholz claimed his seat with a margin of more than 12,000 votes in the two candidate preferred breakdown.

Although Mr Buchholz gained more than 38,000 votes in the election, there was a swing away from LNP of 2.41 per cent.

At this election Mr Buchholz held 59.43 per cent of the vote on a two candidate preferred basis, compared to a 61.84 per cent stance at the 2013 election.

Across the first preference count Pauline Hanson’s One Nation candidate Rod Smith was a clear mover and shaker in Saturday’s polls, with a 20.94 per cent swing in his favour.

Mr Smith said he was surprised but delighted in the result. “For a minor party on a limited budget I am really pleased with the show of support by the voters,” he said.

“People are hurting, they’re feeling not listened to and ignored so One Nation is a safety valve for people to vent their dissatisfaction.” 

The next highest swing vote went to Green’s candidate Pietro Agnoletto with 2.20 per cent swing towards his campaign.

The Australian Labor Party candidate Allistair Smith only received a 1.75 per cent swing in the same first preference count.

Across the electorate of Wright informal votes were down, with only 3,184 cast this year, which showed a decrease of 0.49 per cent.

Among the two party preferred votes, Mr Buchholz received more than 50 per cent of votes cast at both Beaudesert polling booths.

He also received over 65 per cent of the votes in Boonah and nearly 80 per cent in Kerry.

This was in comparison to Allistair Smith who only received 54 per cent of the two party preferred vote at one Jimboomba polling station and 55 per cent at a Flagstone polling station.

At the time of going to press 66, 947 votes had been counted for the electorate.