Unleaded petrol prices drop slightly but RACQ urge motorists to avoid filling up

PRICE HIKE: Unleaded petrol prices were still above 190cpl on Monday.
PRICE HIKE: Unleaded petrol prices were still above 190cpl on Monday.

UNLEADED petrol prices have fallen slightly across parts of south-east Queensland, but some retailers are still charging motorists almost $2 per litre more than a week after prices hit a new record high.

RACQ has urged drivers to hold off filling up, forecasting a further price drop in the coming days.

Australian Institute of Petroleum data has revealed Brisbane's average unleaded petrol price rose an eye-watering 12.3 cents per litre in the week to February 13, seeing it pass Sydney and Adelaide.

Redlands prices were as high as 197.9 cents per litre at Wellington Point on Monday, but most areas had dropped to about $1.89, including at Victoria Point and Redland Bay.

Unleaded fuel was slightly cheaper at Logan, with many retailers offering 184.9 cents per litre, despite some servos in North Maclean, Greenbank and Jimboomba still charging more than $1.90.

Beaudesert prices were at $1.72.

RACQ spokeswoman Kate Leonard-Jones said 70 per cent of retailers in greater Brisbane were charging more than 190 cents per litre as of last Wednesday.

"Unfortunately for drivers, international supply and demand issues as well as ongoing geo-political tensions have led to surging oil prices," she said.

"When combined with the south east's regular price cycle, this has created the perfect storm of factors and resulted in these eyewatering bowser prices."

Ms Leonard-Jones said prices had peaked and motorists would see the cost of fuel fall by one or two cents per day as the price cycle changed.

"If you do need fuel, make sure you're only topping up with the bare minimum for now, as we will see prices ease over the coming weeks," she said.

"The bad news is oil prices are extremely volatile, so if we see a continuation or worsening of those global factors, this will eventually flow on to what drivers are charged at the bowser and in the next price hike, we could see the cost of petrol soar even higher."

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