Cafe owner, 53, arrested at Capalaba after allegedly breaching COVID-19 health directives

ARRESTED: A Capalaba cafe owner will face court after allegedly breaching COVID health orders.
ARRESTED: A Capalaba cafe owner will face court after allegedly breaching COVID health orders.

A CAPALABA cafe owner who was the subject of more than 20 community complaints and several police warnings will face court after allegedly breaching COVID-19 health directives.

A video posted to social media shows three police officers arresting the 53-year-old man at his business on Saturday while several people watch on, some filming the incident on their phones.

The Wishart man is heard on the video saying, "I haven't done anything" and "I have the right to remain silent" before being escorted from his shop at Capalaba Central Shopping Centre.

A Queensland Police spokesman said more than 20 people had complained about the cafe breaching health orders, while officers had also visited the shop to speak with the owner about compliance issues.

The man will face Cleveland Magistrates Court on March 15 charged with three offences, including failing to comply with COVID-19 public health directives and obstructing police.

"A 53-year-old Wishart man ... was arrested on Saturday following several police warnings for his business to comply with the Chief Health Officer's public health direction," a police spokesman said.

"The vast majority of business owners across Queensland are following the public health directions closely in the interest of keeping our community safe."

A small protest at Capalaba Police Station followed the incident, but no arrests were made.

It comes as Queensland records 16 virus deaths, marking the state's deadliest day during the pandemic so far.

Acting Sergeant Dave Bourke of Dunwich Police Station said there had been few issues with compliance on the island, with visitors and locals largely following rules.

Police had only received some complaints from business owners who reported being abused after asking customers to comply with mask mandates and check-ins.

"People need to understand that businesses are not the ones putting these mandates in; however, they have a pivotal role to play in keeping their staff and community safe," Acting Sergeant Bourke said.

" ... It serves a better purpose if people comply with the current mandates and have patience with businesses. The last thing police want to do is issue infringements and ruin holidays."

He said police would not tolerate business staff being abused.

Bowman MP Andrew Laming has urged both sides of state politics to drop vaccine mandates by the end of January, once each region's jab rate passed 90 per cent.

"We beat this thing with proven tactics, hygiene, masks, distancing and avoiding high-risk areas," he said.

"Mandates are a last resort in areas like hospitals, ageing and disability services, where contact with the vulnerable is far more likely."

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