Fishing in Hinze and North Pine dams hard as fish off the bite because of rain

Happy new year. My new year's resolution is that I become a better angler. Learning from others and being open to new techniques will be a vital component to becoming a better fisherman. So please feel free to send me photos and the stories of your catches to share with the readers.

Young angler: Tom Walker displaying a great catch.

Young angler: Tom Walker displaying a great catch.

Freshwater fishing has been difficult at the start of 2022, as rain and water inflow has put fish off the bite in Hinze and North Pine dams.

Elsewhere, the fishing has been good if you managed to wet a line between the rain and windy conditions. The Port of Brisbane has been producing mulloway on live baits. The discoloured water brings the mulloway and threadfin on the bite.

Large threadfin salmon is also a feature of the Brisbane River. Anglers are using live prawns and herring to catch these fish. The main bite times are at night and the early hours of the morning.

The reef around Redcliffe saw plenty of action with snapper, sweetlip and grunter. Despite the warm water, the snapper fishing has been good. Although the snapper is not the biggest, they are a welcome catch this time of the year.

I went out on Boxing Day on my kayak and caught a 50 centimetre snapper. My friend Mark landed a 47cm snapper. Hardyhead baits with the tails cut off were used for bait. We find that cutting off the tail of a dead fish bait presents better in the water column because the tail will cause the fish to spin in the current.

The best bait is always the freshest you can source. Unless you catch your bait, your local bait and tackle should always be your first choice for your bait and tackle.

Mum Michelle Walker sent in a photo of her son Tom Walker, aged seven, who caught seven dart at Cylinder Beach, North Stradbroke Island, using blood worms for bait. Tom caught six fish in a row.

He comes from a long family tradition of fishers. His great grandmother Beth Calcino is still fishing at age 93. Tom has fished since he could hold a rod and was born and raised in the Redlands.

If you have any fishing questions or photographs of your catch, please get in touch with Michael at

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