Big turnout at Mundoolun Christmas carols as residents celebrate

There were fireworks and family entertainment as Mundoolun celebrated Christmas with a bang on Saturday.

About 700 people were in the suburb for the event which organisers said they judged success not by profit, but by resident satisfaction.

Singer Jessica Holbrok led the crowd through some Christmas tunes before Skylighters Fireworks became the focus as the sun went down.

Local dance group, Vision Industry Performing Arts, also took to the stage.

About $1000 in prizes from local businesses were raffled off.

Division 9 councillor Scott Bannan also chipped in some funding towards the event.

Community centre president Raj Aggarwal said he was blown away by the people praised organisers for keeping the event affordable for families.

"Because we're not making a profit, we're selling everything at cost [price]," he said.

"We don't measure success by how much money we made. It's measured by how many people we are making happy."

He said organisers would have a rest before focusing on commemorating Australia Day in the suburb.

"We are taking a little breather first," he said.

"It is amazing how much hard work goes into these things.

"The event was organised to the tee."

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