Only in Beaudesert - Bandit the horse drops into the Beauy Hotel

PUB LIFE: Bandit at the Beaudesert Hotel with Louise Wilson. Photo: Supplied.

PUB LIFE: Bandit at the Beaudesert Hotel with Louise Wilson. Photo: Supplied.

THERE were no long faces at the Beaudesert Hotel on Sunday morning when Bandit the barrel racer dropped in for a drink.

He chose the sports bar, of course, but rather than beer settled for a ginger beer and a carrot.

Duty manager Rose Hamilton said the nine-year-old was standing outside the pub waiting for his owner but was happy to come in when invited.

"The lady's car had broken down and she came in for a beer," she said.

"She was standing out front watching him and I said thought why not bring him in for a bit?

"We poured him a glass of ginger ale and gave him a carrot.

"People were stopping on the street and coming in to see him and that was the end of my quiet Sunday morning ... but everyone loved it."

Bandit at the Beauy.

Bandit at the Beauy.

Barrel racer and former rodeo queen Louise Wilson said she had been driving from her home at Innisplain on her way to a barrel race event at Arrow Park when her car broke down.

"I noticed steam coming out of the engine when I got to Oakland so I stopped to let it cool down.

"It looked like we'd have to wait till Monday, so I decided to stay in town overnight."

Ms Wilson said she headed to the Helen Street Pig and Calf saleyard where Bandit could have shelter and she could camp out in the horse float.

"I thought while I'm in town, may as well drop in for a beer," she said.

"If they had a hitching rail I would have left him out front but Bandit was happy to come in with me and hang about for a bit.

"I knew he'd have no hesitation, he loves going for a walk around town and it's not the first time he's been to the pub.

"I did go to council and told them what was happening, just in case they heard someone was squatting at the saleyard.

"I used to go to the sales before they closed so to me that was a safe place to go."

Ms Wilson, who works in canine security, said she also had the company of her working dog, 5-year-old German shepherd, Bear.

"Bear made an appearance at the L&A and the Railway," she said.

Ms Wilson said going to the pub with her horse was not a big deal

"I had no idea people were talking about it," she said.

"To us it's just normal."

The trio stayed in Beaudesert until Tuesday because the car was unable to be repaired.

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