Wellbeing Day at Woodhill State School gives kids some valuable life lessons

Woodhill State School students learned about everything from karate to food waste at Wellbeing Day.

A range of exhibitors were on hand to guide the students through activities on the day.

Teacher Hailey Mayes said it was about giving the kids an insight into some of the services available for them.

"It's to showcase when the community offers for students and their families," Miss Mayes said.

Students took to a bank of computers for a social gaming session.

Team Bliss ESports' Brendan Harms said that company aimed to teach students health habits.

"It's about finding the sweet spot between habit and hobby," he said.

"It's really important to find a good balance to create a good home life."

The company can help kids find real-world hobbies to give them the same sense of fulfilment screen time does.

Weekend workshops also involve parents to make them more aware of their kids' gaming habits.

A blue and gold macaw named Narla thrilled the students, while some had a go at karate.

There were also painting lessons and a session aimed at helping kids limit food waste.

Kids' yoga sessions helped students work on their flexibility.

The day is an annual event, but was impacted by COVID-19 last year.

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