Police praise for locals in COVID-19 response

PACKED: Shoppers flocked to supermarkets ahead of a three-day lockdown across the region.

PACKED: Shoppers flocked to supermarkets ahead of a three-day lockdown across the region.

IT IS easy to slam people for their behaviour after the scenes last weekend, when residents let impulse take over ahead of a three-day COVID-19 lockdown kicking in across the region.

The Jimboomba Times ran it on the front page: shoppers packing supermarkets, queues stretching down the aisles and long waits at the checkout. Carparks were full and the streets busy as it seemed like everyone descended on Cusack Lane at once.

It was not a good look for the town, but it was not limited to Jimboomba, either.

So-called panic buying was reported in suburbs across greater Brisbane, and slammed online. And rightly so.

But this week, we get to report on the positive side of the reaction to the three-day lockdown imposed by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, acting on the advice of chief health officer Jeannette Young.

Jimboomba police were thrilled by the community's response to the lockdown. Not a single breach notice was handed to a resident by general duties officers

Officers said a flood of phone calls came in, asking for advice on what could go ahead, and what had to be canned.

When the lockdown was announced, police did a ring around of the handful of parties which had been registered with them. Hosts had cancelled each one.

Senior Sergeant Peter Waugh said it was an indication the community was serious about the issue, and thinking of each other.

By and large, we have been lucky in Queensland with COVID. The fight against the virus is a long way from being over, but this kind of response is heading in the right direction.

Pink Stumps set to be a belter

This year's Pink Stumps Day for the McGrath Foundation sounds like it will be a corker.

Organisers smashed it out of the park last year, raising a whopping $10,000 for the foundation and putting the town on the fundraising map. Jimboomba was in the top three in the country at one stage.

Not content with resting on their laurels, they have set an even bigger target this year, aiming for $15,000 on February 20 at Glenlogan Park.

You can help them get to this ambitious goal. Dig deep if you see the organisers around town, gathering support for the cause. On the night, get along, watch some cricket and throw a few dollars their way. You and your family might need the support of a breast care nurse in return one day.

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