Mask practical tips: Rural Doctors Association of Australia offers advice

Mask and sanitiser. Photo: Shutterstock
Mask and sanitiser. Photo: Shutterstock

Dr Megan Belot has a simple message: "wear your mask properly".

The Rural Doctors Association of Australia president-elect reports seeing some not ideal usage in the time the community has been dealing with COVID-19.

"I see plenty of people wearing it under their nose... there is no point in having it on," she said. "Put it on, and leave it on.

"Don't keep touching it to lift it on and off."

The medico who works in the Victorian border town of Echuca this week urged people in regional communities to wear masks when in inside shopping centres, cinemas, bars and other public spaces.

But she acknowledges some people "struggle with cloth masks" and says she has had some elderly patients finding them hard to cope with, so she offered another suggestion.

"Disposable masks are easier to wear, especially in hotter weather, so even though they can cost a bit of money, if you are finding the cloth masks difficult then they could be a good option for you," Dr Belot said.

There are also other recommended safety measures for community members.

"Prioritise who you are going to catch up with and what you are going to do," Dr Belot said.

"Keep yourself safe - if you go into a shop and they have too many people in there, just don't go in.

"It is as much your responsibility as the shop attendants to make sure you are not going over the recommended number of patrons.


"If you don't take responsibility for keeping yourself and others safe, then we will be heading for another lockdown.

"Nobody wants to go through what Melbourne and other areas of Victoria have gone through. Stick to the precautions and work to keep everyone safe and going about their business," Dr Belot said.

"And as always, social distance and wash your hands.

"Keep hand sanitiser handy if you are out and about.

"If you have any symptoms - and I mean any symptoms - get tested and isolate until you get a negative result."

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