Energex urges festive folk to check Christmas lights before plugging in

Sparkle don't fizzle this festive season

NOTHING says Christmas like a sparkly strand of lights, but Energex is encouraging people to remain electrically safe when stringing them in the coming weeks.

According to Energex's Graham Burke electrical dangers ranging from electric shocks to house fires are a risk but can be easily avoided by following a few safety procedures when installing powered Christmas decorations.

"Before plugging lights in check for signs of obvious damage such as frayed cords and exposed wires.

"Christmas lights and powered decorations are electrical appliances and, like any appliance, if used incorrectly or faulty, can be dangerous," Mr Burke said.

He said damaged Christmas lights and decoration can pose a serious risk.

"Once plugged in, check concealed or less obvious faults aren't at play and there's no burning smell or damage occurring such as melting insulation," he said.

Mr Burke urged festive folk to ensure if they were using powered decorations outside, make sure they were manufactured to withstand Queensland weather.

"Using outdoor lights inside the home is perfectly fine but never use lights built for indoor use outside because they are not water resistant and can deteriorate quickly becoming a safety hazard," he said.

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