Locals have their say on Tamborine Mountain drivers after police catch more than 300 motorists driving at dangerous speeds during weekend blitz

THOROUGHFARE: Tamborine Mountain Road has seen a few traffic incidents this year.
THOROUGHFARE: Tamborine Mountain Road has seen a few traffic incidents this year.

POLICE caught more than 300 drivers travelling at dangerous speeds during a blitz on Tamborine Mountain last week, but locals are divided over whether there is a speeding problem in the area.

It comes as the state's road toll passes 200 and amid a number of crashes and other traffic incidents on the mountain this year.

A local resident, who did not want to be named, said cars would race through the 60km/h zone on Tamborine Mountain Road near the Bearded Dragon Hotel at speeds up to 100km/h.

"There is always people busting their guts to get somewhere," he said. "About 6am on a Sunday morning the bikes start coming past. They will hit that straight and hook into it.

The man, who has lived on a property near Tamborine Mountain Road for eight years, said the thoroughfare was getting busier all the time as a result of the blossoming tourist trade and people moving to the area.

"People just don't like to slow down," he said. "Most people are pretty good, it is just the idiots that spoil it for everyone else.

"There is just more traffic on the road. A lot of those (driving recklessly) are the younger generation. They don't really abide by the rules as they should."

Not all locals are convinced speeding is a problem in the area.

Resident Julie Wilkinson, who lives not far from the busy Main Western and Long roads, said she had not experienced any speeding problems during her time living on the mountain.

"No one I know who lives up there has noticed any hooning or any speeding in the traffic," she said.

"Coming down the mountain sometimes you get motorbikes, but I can't say that I have seen anything untoward up there. It has also been a long time since I have seen police sirens."

The Tamborine Mountain Road resident said he had not seen any accidents recently but there had been a few drivers killed not far from his house in the past.

Linda Mahaffy said on Facebook that she was appalled by the police footage, which showed drivers taking risks as they tried to get past other cars on a narrow stretch of mountain road.

Paramedics attended another incident on the mountain last night.

Three people were taken to Gold Coast University Hospital in a stable condition after a vehicle crashed into a tree at Lahey Road about 6.23pm.

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