Annie Broad's dog Ellie attacked at Jimboomba Country Markets, leaving dog and owner traumatised

Best friends: Annie Broad and guide dog Ellie.

Best friends: Annie Broad and guide dog Ellie.

A Jimboomba woman who was left shaken by an incident involving her guide dog at the town's markets has called on organisers to strictly enforce the dog ban at the monthly event.

Annie Broad said her labrador Ellie was attacked at the Jimboomba Country Markets on Sunday when a Belgian shepherd bit her on the neck.

Mrs Broad, who has just partial vision in one eye, said the other dog was sniffing around Ellie before grabbing her on the back of the neck, near the collar.

"We were just walking along as normal," she said.

"The other dog, people said it was a black Belgian shepherd, sniffed the back of her neck.

"I heard this almighty bark, and the other dog got her just behind the collar.

"I nearly fell over what was behind me. God knows what would have happened if I could not see anything.

Ellie's training kicked in, and she did not react to the incident, instead standing still and trying to protect her owner.

It left dog and owner traumastised, but Mrs Broad said she was offered no apology from the owner of the other dog.

"He just kept on walking," she said.

"I was in shock. I didn't use her as a guide dog the rest of the day.

"My husband held my arm and we just walked her on a normal lead."

The incident prompted Mrs Broad to warn others about the dangers of having other dogs around working guide dogs.

"The community needs to know you can't have ordinary dogs around guide dogs," she said.

Mrs Broad said she was yet to see how badly it had affected Ellie, and would know when she next took her to a crowded place.

It could force Ellie into early retirement, which would mean a lengthy wait for Mrs Broad to get a new companion.

"It could be up to two years," Mrs Broad said.

It has happened to Mrs Broad before. Her previous dog, Waffle, had anxiety issues.

Mrs Broad said she was heartened by the community which stemmed from a Facebook post about the incident.

She had plenty of offers to take Ellie on play dates with other labradors.

"I have had quite a few people say they have labradors and that I can take my dog over to them," she said.

Windon Beaudesert Star's residents were also asking about Ellie during Mrs Broad's weekly visit to the aged care facility.

Guide Dogs Queensland general manager Lee Buckingham said the organisation was working with Mrs Broad and Ellie to ensure they were coping after the incident.

"A guide dog trainer has been working with Annie and Ellie to give them both the best chance to continue working together after this frightening experience," Mr Buckingham said.

"We have slowly introduced Ellie to another dog to make sure she is not frightened by all animals given what she has just been through."

Dogs are banned at the markets because they are on Jimboomba State School grounds.

The Jimboomba Times has approached market organisers for comment.

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