Mundoolun woman Cathy Clowes, disgusted by illegally dumped rubbish and general litter, says she is losing the battle

Revolting: Rubbish is a problem at the sides of roads across the area, and one woman is on a mission to clean them up.
Revolting: Rubbish is a problem at the sides of roads across the area, and one woman is on a mission to clean them up.

Tyres, used tissues, takeaway wrappers and discarded face masks have a retired Mundoolun woman on a crusade to clean up the area's roads.

Cathy Clowes can be found along Collins Creek Road and surrounds multiple mornings a week, picking up revolting rubbish flung from car windows or bigger items that should be taken to landfill.

It is a campaign she has undertaken for the past four years, with husband Peter accompanying her.

But she said she was not winning the battle, with more rubbish than ever lining the roads.

Mrs Clowes said she was extending her range to clean up a further stretch of Collins Creek Road as more people became lazy with disposing of their unwanted goods.

"Collins Creek Road seems to be the dump of the area," Mrs Clowes said. "I have found pipe, tiles and asbestos walling.

"That was fun. I moved to the road edge only to find the warning tape at the bottom.

"The grass is so long, it hides so much illegal dumping that is ongoing. It has to cost the taxpayer a fortune."

Despite her best efforts, Mrs Clowes said the rubbish kept returning.

Since COVID-19, personal protective equipment has been discarded, with gloves and masks among the most popular finds.

"It's wrong, and I don't know how we can get the message across. It's Australia. This is a beautiful area.

"I am fed up with living in a dump zone. It's clear this is people in their own area doing this.

"I just want clean roads. Is that too much to ask?"

Mrs Clowes found the butchered remains of a kangaroo near the intersection of Collins Creek Road and Mundoolun Road during one of her trips.

The animal had been gutted and its paws had been cut off, with remains left in the grass.

Its carcass had been removed.

Mrs Clowes said it was the most revolting thing she had seen in her life.

The state government announced in February that Logan City Council would be given money to fight illegal dumping.

The $5 million to councils across the state would employ illegal dumping officers and help council educate Logan residents on the issue.

"It happens across all councils and across the state," Division 9 councillor Scott Bannan said.

He slammed the behaviour of people throwing rubbish on the sides of the roads.

"The biggest thing I see is Maccas and KFC bags on the side of the road after they had been chucked out of the window," Cr Bannan said.

"It's pure laziness and pure disrespect."

Cr Bannan urged people to ring 3412 3412 to report illegally dumped rubbish.