Logan District Men's Shed members to host heart-starter sale on state election day, October 31, to buy defibrillator

Support: Logan District Men's Shed members are hosting a garage sale on election day.
Support: Logan District Men's Shed members are hosting a garage sale on election day.

A local men's shed is having a sale on state election day to help buy a vital defibrillator for worst case scenarios.

The Logan District Men's Shed members hope voters can drop in and support their heart-starter cause on the way to doing their civic duty.

Members aim to raise $2000 for the defibrillator. Any left over money will go towards tools and fire safety equipment for the group.

They hope the piece of equipment the sale is raising money for will gather dust at the 23 Greenhill Road headquarters.

"It's one of those pieces of equipment you hope to never have to use," secretary Sheryl Cooper said.

"But it will be invaluable - one of those things you would like to have for members and visitors."

Homemade timber items will be on sale from 7am, along with bird feeders and plant pots.

There will be a craft stall operating, along with a barbecue. Cold drinks will be available.

There will be a wheelbarrow full of raffle prizes, with tickets costing $2.

A Jackaroo spit roaster is another prize.

The group, which meets three times per week, has found fundraising tough with COVID-19 restrictions taking their toll.

The group usually meets three times per week, but had to spread it out to five to accommodate the restrictions on numbers during COVID-19.

"We are really happy restrictions have been lifted," Mrs Cooper said.

The Logan Districts Men's Shed has been operating for 10 months and now has 36 members, male and female.

"The group is a fantastic place for all walks of life to meet and share knowledge, skills and stories while supporting each other," Mrs Cooper said.

"The camaraderie in the men's shed is fantastic. They really look after each other."

The group build timber benches for the Cedar Grove Environmental Centre. They were made from trees cut down at the site.

The group formed when the Logan Village Men's Shed split in two.

One group of men stayed in Logan Village, and the other moved to another shed at Munruben.

"Pretty soon it became evident that a natural division had occurred and a decision was made by the Munruben group to form a new men's shed, independent of the other club," Logan group president Richard Smith said.

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