Police reflect on those who paid the ultimate price in the line of duty at Tamrookum, and Brisbane services for National Police Remembrance Day

Reflection: Beaudesert officer in charge, Ken Murray, at Tamrookum. Photo: Larraine Sathicq
Reflection: Beaudesert officer in charge, Ken Murray, at Tamrookum. Photo: Larraine Sathicq

Logan police have paused to remember fallen colleagues on National Police Remembrance Day.

Stations across the region conducted small services, with officers also tuning in to a live stream in Brisbane to remember those who gave their lives for the job.

Beaudesert's officer in charge, Ken Murray, joined colleagues at the Tamrookum gravesite of a fallen colleague.

Constable George Doyle was killed in the line of duty on Easter Sunday 1902, along with Carnavon Station manager, 27-year-old Albert Dahlke. They were out to catch cattle and horse thieves, Patrick and James Kenniff.

The pair's burnt remains were eventually discovered in a saddle bag.

Jimboomba officers conducted a vigil in the station for their fallen colleagues, and Browns Plains staff tuned in to the Brisbane event.

It featured Queensland Governor Paul de Jersey, Police and Corrective Services Minister Mark Ryan and Commissioner Katarina Carroll.

Browns Plains officer in charge, Acting Senior Sergeant Melodie Mulder, said it was vital officers recognised the day.

"It's very important we pause today to reflect on our colleagues who have given the ultimate sacrifice for the job," Acting Senior Sergeant Melodie Mulder said.

"Officers who were in the station at the time were encouraged to watch the live stream of the service."

Civilians were also urged to buy a blue ribbon and support the cause.

They are available at any police station.

Commissioner Carroll paid tribute to officers who had lost their lives in the line of duty.

"Each officer takes a considerable risk every day they go to work in the name of making Queenslanders safe," she said.

"The honourable commitment they make every day deserves to be recongised, hence the importance of this day for us as a service."

"It's important that we still come together in any way we can during these current circumstances to honour the memory and the sacrifice of fallen officers."

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