Highchester Meats at Gleneagle targeted by vegan protesters

PROTEST: The vegan activists want abattoirs everywhere shut down permanently. Photo: Anthea Jennings-Hingston
PROTEST: The vegan activists want abattoirs everywhere shut down permanently. Photo: Anthea Jennings-Hingston

VEGAN activists who entered Gleneagle's Highchester Meats in 2017 as part of a Ditch the Dairy campaign made a return visit today in protest of the abattoir's sale.

The group now calling themselves The Human Kind, turned up with blood-red hands, chained together at the waist and displaying a banner reading "Nothing humane happens in a slaughterhouse".

A video posted on their Facebook page described how the protest was in response to Highchester Meats being up for sale.

"It has come to our attention that this place, this abattoir is now up for sale," the commentator said.

"We believe places like this with such horror should never be up for sale. It should be shut down permanently. When I first got here I could hear the pigs screaming."

Highchester Meats director and co-owner Brian Surawski said he took the time to speak with the protesters but had also called the police.

"I just told them they were not to come on the premises, they were not to block our driveway or stop our trade and they were not to put anything on the fence.," he said.

'They wanted us to stop killing animals and they tried to get me to become a vegan.

"I told them everyone is entitled to their own beliefs as long as they don't try to shove it down anyone else's throats."

Mr Surawski said the group was armed with video footage released three years ago that suggested animals at Highchester were treated brutally.

He said the video showed footage of an Indigenous Highchester worker who had recently died.

"I asked them to take that footage down but they wouldn't," he said.

The Human Kind spokeswoman Mo Orr said the objective of the protest was to tell the stories of the animals and restart the conversation around cruelty to animals.

"We want all abattoirs shut down, we want the killing to stop," she said.

"Those videos from 2017 showed the act of killing is brutal, inhumane and violent.

"We are people from in and around Brisbane and we all have the same objective, we want everyone to widen their circle of compassion to include all beings."

A spokesman for the Queensland Police Service said officers responded to a call at 9.06am and arrived to find a peaceful protest.

"There were no offences committed and no complaints lodged," he said.

"By 11.15am the group had dispersed."

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