Disturbing act of cruelty, RSPCA says. Kitten wrapped in duct tape, firecrackers, dumped in bin at Park Ridge

Warning: some readers may find images in this article distressing.

In what has been described as a disturbing act of cruelty, a ginger kitten has been found dumped in a bin at Logan, wrapped in duct tape with the remnants of firecrackers taped to his body.

RSPCA Queensland was called to a Park Ridge address at 9.30pm on July 27 to find Charlie the kitten in a wheelie bin outside.

He had duct tape wrapped around his neck, legs and torso.

When the tape was removed, vets discovered remnants of fire crackers and burn injuries to the kitten's neck and mouth.

Charlie was taken to the RSPCA Wacol campus veterinary hospital, where he is recovering.

On Wednesday, RSPCA inspectors and police officers executed a warrant on a man in his early 20s and searched a Crestmead address.

They found pieces of cat fur matching that of the ginger kitten stuck to some used duct tape.

A mobile device they seized contained a video of a person lighting firecrackers which were taped to the kitten.

They also found large number of fireworks and crackers, drugs and an antique firearm.

SHOCKING: A large amount of duct tape was wrapped around the kitten's body.

SHOCKING: A large amount of duct tape was wrapped around the kitten's body.

No animals were found at the Crestmead property.

RSPCA Queensland chief inspector Daniel Young said it was a shocking act of cruelty.

"How anyone could treat an animal like this and then discard it like rubbish is appalling," he said.

"This level of offending shows a complete lack of empathy and a very disturbing level of cruelty."

Investigations continue.

The RSPCA urges any who may have received a video depicting the kitten or who has any further information regarding the incident to contact 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).