The Informer: From slips and hip pockets to pubs and clubs

From slips and hip pockets to pubs and clubs

We are encouraged never to assume, but by the looks, authorities are hoping Australians value their hip pockets more than their respiratory systems.

In Melbourne's lockdown zone alone, fines totalling more than $200,000 were handed out in the past 24 hours. That's one relatively small area - densely-enough populated but still smallish. Let's not add in the people turned back at borders, or even in other states.

It will be interesting further down the track to follow up on just how many of these fines actually make it back to the nation's coffers. But that's another matter for another day.

At that moment there's enough to do keeping pace with the various outbreaks across the country. Today Victoria's positive cases rose by 177. The past seven days in Victoria has looked like this in terms of confirmed new coronavirus cases: 239, 216, 288, 165, 134, 191, 127.

In less trying times, there are Australian cricket teams that would have been grateful for a streak like that. Instead we're in the midst of a global health crisis when we want the numbers going the other way.

Victoria's Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said the state was seeing about four to five new outbreaks daily and wanted to see a week of decreasing cases before he has "greater confidence about the direction we're going".

In NSW more than 20 COVID-19 cases have been linked to a Sydney pub outbreak. Everyone who went to the Casula pub in the week from July 3 has been urged to self-isolate and get tested.

But it seems after the test not everyone does that. NSW authorities reeled off a list of venues that had been exposed to the virus and they range from a metro casino to a gym and various registered venues. The Police Minister warned against "these types of slips".

"Slips" of a different nature have prompted US President Trump to move to tone down the volume of the nation's top infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony S Fauci, the New York Times reported. He's wrong too often, reporters have been told.

Meanwhile the New York Post revealed the city managed its first day in nearly four months without a single coronavirus death. Well, that what the preliminary numbers released Sunday indicated anyway.

Florida has recorded the most new coronavirus cases of any US state in a single day - more than 15,000 - shattering New York's previous highest amount of 12,847 set at the height of the pandemic in April.

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