Jimboomba woman Kylie Williams says faith in humanity is restored after accident on June 8, baby Evelyn came along on June 23

Miracle: Kylie Williams and baby Evelyn.

Miracle: Kylie Williams and baby Evelyn.

A Jimboomba woman involved in a serious car accident days before giving birth has thanked passers-by who helped save her miracle baby.

Kylie Williams said the response to the incident on June 8 restored her faith in humanity.

A heavily-pregnant Ms Williams, 37, was driving on the Mount Lindesay Highway when she was struck by a car at the Spring Street intersection.

She was trapped in the wreckage and feared for her unborn child before a good Samaritan pried the door open and freed her.

People came running from the school and other drivers also stopped to help.

Ms Williams said the smoke coming from the deployed airbags had her worried Toyota Corolla would catch fire.

"All I could see was smoke, it was the freakiest thing," she said.

"I thought it was going to go up.

"I was thinking my baby had died, because I couldn't feel her.

"Usually, she was such an active baby."

Doctors decided against an emergency ceasarean, before Evelyn came along two weeks later.

"She is my little miracle," Ms Williams said of Evelyn, born on June 23.`

"It's a massive relief having her out now.

"She's safe and I can get the treatment I need."

Ms Williams paid tribute to the people who came to her assistance after the crash,

Bundle of joy: Evelyn was born on June 23, two week's after mother Kylie's accident.

Bundle of joy: Evelyn was born on June 23, two week's after mother Kylie's accident.

"I remember the guy who got the door open," she said.

"He was the man who got me out.

"I never got to properly thank him. He was a lovely big guy.

"There were all the school people. The hospital, firies and cops.

"I want to thank the community for what they have done. There were so many caring people around me that day.

"Everyone was checking I was OK, and making sure I didn't pass out, and offering to ring my family to let them know I was OK.

"It really gives you a lot of hope. There are a lot of good people out there."

Ms Williams' social media posts on numerous community group pages have had hundreds of responses from people who remembered the accident and were passing on their best wishes.

"I can't believe the amount of people who commented," she said.

Ms Williams' car originally belonged to a family friend named Megan, who had died.

"Megan was watching over us that day," Ms Williams said.

Ms Williams said she paid tribute to her friend by calling her baby Evelyn Megan.

"It was sentimental," she said.

Evelyn is a sister to Abigail, two.

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