Scenic Rim farmers get access to $3000 drought relief through Fassifern Salvation Army

FARMER FUNDS: Scenic Rim producers can get access to drought support funds via the Salvation Army.
FARMER FUNDS: Scenic Rim producers can get access to drought support funds via the Salvation Army.

SCENIC Rim farmers still reeling from drought effects are urged to apply for $3000 to help get them back on their feet.

The Drought Communities Support Initiative is being distributed by the Salvation Army, and available to Scenic Rim farmers.

Earlier this year, Wright Scott Buchholz MP secured access to the cash support scheme for farmers.

"Despite rains earlier in the year, which saw our beautiful region glowing green - there's been no sustained follow up rain.

"Our farmers in Beaudesert, out to Rathdowney and up the Kerry Valley are still feeling the enormous weight of the drought. They are carrying that burden in their overdraft accounts," he said.

"By providing access to the $3000 cash payments, we are providing relief to some of those household pressures. To put food on the table, pay some bills and provide some wriggle room," Mr Buchholz said.

Captain Wes Bust from the Salvation Army said it was critical farmers took advantage of the scheme and accessed the funds.

"Over the last two years, we've been providing more support to our farmers and farming families than ever before.

"There is absolutely no shame in seeking or accepting the support and the Salvation Army is here to help. I encourage any local producer or person that is eligible, to get in touch with us and we'll support you through the process," Captain Bust said.

Scenic Rim MP Jon Krause encouraged farmers, farm workers and farm suppliers/contractors to consider applying for the cash relief.

"My office has already been able to assist some local farmers in the application process for the $3000 payments and I encourage producers that are doing it tough in our communities to reach out and apply for the cash payment," he said.

Mr Buchholz said funding could be accessed by visiting the Salvation Army website at or by calling the team at the Fassifern Salvation Army on (07) 54632932.