Anzac Day 2020 in 24 photos

It was a very different Anzac Day but maybe parts of it could become an inclusion on the nation's calendar.

For instance, the RSL national president Greg Melick is hopeful that some facets of this year's commemoration's might continue in the future alongside traditional services, ceremonies and marches.

The "light up the dawn" hashtag trended on social media throughout the day and allowed disparate communities to unite

Officials believe the grassroots movement to mark this year's coronavirus-hit Anzac Day has probably inspired more Australians than usual to pay their respects to past and present servicemen and women.

"I think this is going to lead to a lot more people doing something on Anzac Day and remembering those sacrifices, both past and present," Mr Melick said.

"My view is that the more people get involved, the more appreciative veterans are going to be."