Canterbury College closes early to tackle coronavirus threat

Virus threat: Canterbury College principal Dan Walker.

Virus threat: Canterbury College principal Dan Walker.

Canterbury College will close its doors early in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Students will go on holidays from Friday as the school takes action against the virus threats.

Principal Dan Walker told staff and parents on Monday.

Mr Walker said the decision was made despite the school practising social distancing, promoting self-isolation for sick students and adopting hand-washing hygiene practices.

Mr Walker said the last six days of term next week would be converted to pupil free days, where staff will plan online teaching and learning for Term 2.

"We know we are likely to lose face-to-face teaching for some or all of Term 2," Mr Walker said,

"So this way our workforce will work collaboratively during the next six days to ensure our online learning in Term 2 will result in deep engagement with the curriculum, not just busy work."

The College will offer temporary supervision arrangements for students from kindergarten to Year 7 during this time, prioritising parents who still need to be at work, especially in the healthcare and community service areas.

Mr Walker said it was also important to reassure families of Year 11 and 12 students that their remaining exams this term will continue as planned on campus.

"We know that in the coming months, uncertainty and ambiguity will be a way of life," he said.

"We are all getting our heads around what will change and what we hope will stay the same.

"As the principal of this College, my commitment is that we will make decisions to prioritise quality learning, but also be mindful that responses to this public health crisis may require us to forego some things in order to prioritise the health of our community and our country."