VIDEO: COVID-19 patient, Emma Hutson stays positive while in isolation at Redland Hospital

REDLAND Bay mother Emma Hutson has spent four nights in quarantine at Redland Hospital after contracting coronavirus.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Emma Hutson tested positive for COVID-19 and is in quarantine in Redland Hospital.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Emma Hutson tested positive for COVID-19 and is in quarantine in Redland Hospital.

Ms Hutson is waiting patiently to get the results back from her latest swabs and if negative she will hopefully be given the all clear.

"I just need two negative swabs to come back sequentially and I'm good to go," she said.

On Friday, Ms Hutson told friends on social media she had tested positive to COVID-19 and was being treated by the medical team at Redland Hospital.

She has remained positive throughout the weekend and raved about the kind, dedicated care she was receiving at the hospital.

"I am not dying, I am still relatively healthy and just going through a virus. I am feeling fairly fine - I use my puffer, I'm on Panadine Forte sometimes stronger for the pain and I probably couldn't sit at a desk all day as I'm uncomfortable but I am still a highly functioning woman who will not let this hysteria get in her way," she said.

Ms Hutson said she had no idea how she contracted COVID-19.

"I take public transport to work in the form of trains twice a week and flew to Melbourne a few weeks ago and I had been in contact with a few people from overseas at the time," she said.

Ms Hutson has a 16-month-old son and said her family was well but in home isolation enforced by the Health Department.

"My initial symptoms were body aches, a dry cough, chills and sweats, diarrhea, shortness of breath and an increased usage of my childhood asthma puffer. I also experienced headaches and a sore throat," she said.

After three nights in quarantine, Ms Hutson remains positive, cracking jokes about what to order from Uber Eats.

She said she had spent her time reading, listening to positive podcasts and walking around her small room in isolation.

"This is a time to establish solid friendships and connections, take the time to reach out to a loved one, create a positive culture and caring community around you. Even in isolation we're not closed off entirely thanks to technology," she said.

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