Newly formed Logan District Men's Shed has big plans at Munruben

Man in charge: Logan District Men's Shed president Richard Smith.
Man in charge: Logan District Men's Shed president Richard Smith.

A newly-formed men's shed at Munruben has plans for a big future of mateship, as members continue living their motto of treating strangers like friends.

The Logan District Men's Shed, known as the LADS, formed when the Logan Village group split in two.

One group of men stayed in Logan Village, and the other moved to another shed at Munruben.

"Pretty soon it became evident that a natural division had occurred and a decision was made by the Munruben group to form a new men's shed, independent of the other club," Logan group president Richard Smith said.

The group now has 25 members, and aims to recruit a few more to take the total to 30 blokes working a range of projects in the shed.

"That's the perfect number really," Mr Smith said.

"It looks like a big shed, but when you get 30 people all working in here, it's not that big."

The group has been an outlet for Darrell Dowsett.

He joined when his wife was ill, and after she passed away, he finds great solace in his mates at the shed.

"It's somewhere to go. It allows you to keep plying your trade," the 77-year-old retired boiler maker said.

"You can talk to people."

Mr Dowsett enjoyed helping out group members on different projects.

"If one of the members of our group wants something done, I am quite happy to do it," he said.

He had a message to anyone thinking about getting involved.

"Definitely do it," Mr Dowsett said.

"When you get to my age, most of your friends are either dead or in a home."

The group also welcomes women. The landlord, Sheryl Cooper, is also the secretary of the club.

Partners come along to the shed on the first Monday of each month.

The group is building a new kitchen for Wednesday lunches.

There are not too many other projects on the cards this year, apart from fixing up the facilities.

"Feathering our own nest," Mr Smith said.

"I know that in the first year, you have to knuckle down. We have all old equipment now, but we hope that by the end of the year, with grants and things, we will have all new shiny equipment.".

To get involved with the group, phone Richard Smith on 0427 577 173 or Sheryl Cooper on 0407 908 305.