Jimboomba Fire and Rescue Captain urges residents to prepare for flood

FLOOD: The Henderson Creek bridge at Cusack Lane in Jimboomba under water in 2017. Photo: Logan Disaster Dashboard
FLOOD: The Henderson Creek bridge at Cusack Lane in Jimboomba under water in 2017. Photo: Logan Disaster Dashboard

Jimboomba Fire and Rescue Station Captain, Jason Hall is urging resident to prepare their homes for the severe wet weather season, known to Queensland Fire and Emergency Services as Operation Dovetail.

Captain Hall said the preparations were similar to what you would do in the lead up to fire weather.

He recommended clearing gutters and downpipes of leaf litter, unblocking drains in your yard and removing dead tree limbs that could fall from trees onto houses and cars in strong winds.

Captain Hall thanked residents during the past bushfire season for their vigilance, listening to emergency services advice and adhering to the Total fire bans that were put in place during the extreme fire weather experienced in this area.

He has now asked that residents don't become complacent now that the region has received some much needed rainfall.

"Queensland is a state of extremes and the country's most disaster-prone state, from bushfires to cyclones, droughts to floods," he said.

"When this rain falls it has fallen on rock hard ground, caused by our long drought like conditions, this ground will repel the water and cause flash flooding in areas"

"When faced with flood water, the bravest and smartest thing to do is to back it up and don't attempt to enter flood water, you can get swept away downstream"

Captain Hall said 20 per cent of Queensland drivers did not know if they would drive through floodwater until they were faced with a flooded road, and about 13 per cent would attempt to drive over a flooded road if they thought it was safe.

"Don't get carried away with the reasons or pressures to attempt to drive through floodwater," he said.

"When faced with a flooded road, back it up.

"You can't see the depth of the water, or the dangers underneath, and you don't know how quickly conditions can change. So, whether you've got mates in the car egging you on, you think your vehicle could make it through or you're in a hurry to get to work or home, don't get carried away.

"If it's flooded, forget it."

Further information can be found at floodedforgetit.initiatives.qld.gov.au

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