Mayoral candidate John Freeman commits to extra funding for Logan's community centres

MAYORAL candidate John Freeman has committed to work with future councillors to spend $4 million annually in support of Logan's community centres.

ELECTION PITCH: Mayoral candidate John Freeman.

ELECTION PITCH: Mayoral candidate John Freeman.

Mr Freeman said the commitment would see an average of $225,000 flow to community groups in the first year and would ease fundraising pressures on volunteers.

Community groups would be required to submit a business case for funding and not all would receive equal financial support.

"Instead of running raffles and plant stalls and other activities to raise much needed funds they can put their efforts into the programs that deliver outcomes that benefit the needs of the community," Mr Freeman said.

"Logan City's community centres are aging and most of the facilities are in need of increased support and upgrading.

"The time has come for our community centres to be funded to a sustainable level so they can continue with and grow the programs that are an everyday help and support to the community.

"These centres can't deliver the community projects that are so needed when they are trying to fundraise to keep the programs viable."

Logan City Council's annual report shows $1.907,482 was spent in grants to community organisations in 2018-19.

If elected mayor, Mr Freeman said the funding would be indexed at CPI from 2021 and would continue for a minimum of four years.

Mr Freeman said Logan's 18 community centres were doing good things for the community despite little government assistance.

"One of our larger community centres in the city (Logan East Neighbourhood Centre) is endeavoring to encourage support of local businesses to help in the funding of the centre," he said.

"The hard work of their volunteers had some success but they were still in a negative position of some $33,000 for the year.

"If we don't do something now we could find ourselves at a place in under 10 years where we have no sustainable community centres in Logan City,"

President of the Logan East Neighbourhood Centre Association's management committee Roger Marshall, who does not support any individual candidate, said volunteers worked an average of 1500 hours per month, with half that time dedicated to fundraising.

"What we find is we are putting a lot of effort into fundraising and we are only scraping by," Dr Marshall said.

"We would like all levels of government, whether local or state, to adequately fund our community development work. Currently they make contributions but we struggle with the level of funding we currently get.

"We would like more funding for our core activities of community development work rather than delivering community services."

The 2020 Logan City Council election will be held on March 28.