Jimboomba State School Swimming Carnival gives students chance to shine

CLOSE to 800 students took part in the hotly contested Jimboomba State School Swimming Carnival last week.

The carnival was held over three days as grade 3-4 students swam on November 25, grades 1-2 on November 28 and grades 5-6 on November 29.

Henderson emerged as the clear winner with 1381 points followed by Flinders (1191), Logan (1033) and Lindesay (877).

Physical education teacher Jessie Vudrag said the carnival was an opportunity to identify strong swimmers and encourage overall participation.

"It is definitely a good opportunity and allows some of the kids who may go under the radar at other times to shine," she said.

"There are competitive 25 metre races and also fun participation."

Year six students Jett Wright and Zarlee Browne were named the 12-year-old boy and girl age champions.

Alexander Stewart, 9, won the age champion trophy for the second year in a row.

Age champions

Six-year-old boys: Tyson

Six-year-old girls: Molli Vine

Seven-year-old boys: Noah Hunter

Seven-year-old girls: Allira Hughes

Eight-year-old boys: Hayden Wills

Eight-year-old girls: Mackenzie Gonzalez

Nine-year-old boys: Alexander Stewart

Nine-year-old girls: Shelby Covey

10-year-old boys: Flynn Brooks

10-year-old girls: Tayla Brittain

11-year-old boys: Macallister Smith

11-year-old girls: Isabella Gonzalez

12-year-old boys: Jett Wright

12-year-old girls: Zarlee Browne