No Limits breaks drought with win after 13 losses in Last Man Standing Twenty20 series

NO LIMITS broke their season drought with a win against Duck Duck Gone following 13 consecutive losses in the Last Man Standing Twenty20 series at Glenlogan Park.

ON THE RISE: No Limits have celebrated a stunning victory against Duck Duck Gone after losing 13 games in a row.

ON THE RISE: No Limits have celebrated a stunning victory against Duck Duck Gone after losing 13 games in a row.

Batting first, No Limits scored a respectable total with 3-175 from 20 overs.

Keith Ford scored 52 runs from 34 balls and was well supported by Angelo Mathews, who scored 50 from 31 balls.

Nick Young (18 runs), Gary Bender (23 runs) and Daniel Montogomery (21 runs) also contributed to a strong team effort.

Duck Duck Gone's wicket takers included Jimmy Howe (1-25), Ben Sweeney (1-17) and Thomas Turbill (1-17).

Going out to bat, Duck Duck Gone stumbled with only Ben Sweeney (42 runs) and Jimmy Howe (35) making an impact.

No Limits bowler Nate Hewitt's form cemented the victory with two wickets and only nine runs conceded.

Duck Duck Gone fell 46 runs short with 5-129 from 20 overs.

Angelo Mathews was named player of the match.

Game two

THE Purple People Eaters were soundly defeated as the Beauy Bucheurs bowling attack dismissed their entire line-up in 17 overs.

Only batsman Jason Hart managed to put up a fight against the bowling onslaught with 44 runs from 23 balls.

Bucheurs bowlers Steven Muggeridge (3-23), Ben Nash (2-20) and Cameron Turbil (2-16) proved to be a deadly combination against the Purple People Eaters, who are normally a top of the ladder side.

The Beauy Bucheurs chased the Purple People Eaters' 117 run target in just 14 overs.

No wickets were lost with Sam Matthews scoring 52 runs from 35 balls and Daniel Lake scoring 50 runs from 35 balls.

The two batsmen retired before Tyson Breed (4) and Steven Muggerridge (9) finished the match.

Steven Muggerridge was named player of the match.

The Bucheurs' dominance propelled them to the top of the season ladder with 30 points followed by Purple People Eatsers on 26.

Jimby Crickets is third with 20 points followed by No Limits on 14 and the out of form Duck Duck Gone on six and Beaudesert Select on zero.

Season fixtures will continue until February 9, 2020 before the finals are contested.

Last Man Standing Beaudesert spokesperson Matt Turbil said the series has proven successful since launching earlier this year.

"The quality of the competition has improved because the teams are getting better and more experienced over time," he said.

After Christmas a new team called Crafty Tappers will join the Last Man Standing series.