South Maclean residents have 10 tonnes dumped on their property

FURIOUS South Maclean residents who had a load of industrial rubbish illegally dumped on their property have called for their neighbours to remain on the lookout for rogue drivers looking to turn vacant land into makeshift wastegrounds.

They say those on their usually quiet street may fall victim to the same low act, as drivers look to avoid paying fees to dump their loads at landfills.

About 10 tonnes of rubbish was dumped on a Jimboomba property

About 10 tonnes of rubbish was dumped on a Jimboomba property

One woman and her husband walked outside to discover about 10 tonnes of rubbish - which included broken concrete, pavers, chain link wire and tarpaulins - had been dumped on her property in a side street off Pennine Drive earlier this month.

"They've just driven in and dumped it there," the woman, who did not want to be named, said.

"In the picture, you can see the tyre tracks in the grass."

They estimated the incident happened between 3pm and 4pm on October 28, but it was not discovered until the woman's husband left for work about 5am the next day. Their house is about 200 metres from where the rubbbish was left.

"We were both home in the afternoon, and we heard the truck," she said.

"Another of our neighbours actually saw the truck, but they assumed it was someone getting a delivery.

"It's just not something you'd expect. The street is very quiet."

The quiet nature of the street makes the woman think the vandal was doing work nearby, and decided to dump the rubbish nearby.

"Either a local, or someone doing some work locally and who knows the area," she said.

The dumping also put the local fauna at risk, as the property is registered with Land for Wildlife.

"It makes it even worse," the woman said

"It might look like a vacant block, but it isn't. It's someone else's property.

"Even if it is a vacant block, what gives people the right to just dump rubbish there.

"It's a rotten thing to do. It's just disgusting."

The woman estimated that it would cost more than $700 to move rubbish from the property. She and her husband have considered further measures to address the problem.

"We might have to put cameras up," she said.

"It's very disappointing. This guy has got no idea about what other people are going through.

"Some people might not even be able to pay that."