Slipping into some comfortable footwear

It is nice to know there are places you can go to chill, unwind and never pretend.

But still. What hope do we have if we do not occasionally add our own little bit of sophistication to lift the game?

I try to tell my husband this when he steps into the car to head off for the weekly grocery shop. There he is in what I would call his yard clothes, off to face the supermarket. It's only down the road and let's face it, it's not a fashion mecca. It is however that place where you bump into pretty much everyone when you are least prepared.

There are yard clothes and there are yard clothes and he-who-is-permanently-retired seems to have forgotten the delineation between what should be seen and what should not.

I have become resigned to the faded t-shirts and baggy shorts well past their use-by date. I too like my comfort in clothes and why change when you'll be back home within the hour?

I glanced down and there I noticed the slippers. He looked at me askance when I suggested he change his shoes.

He was not happy to release his feet from their snug surrounds and went grumpily back to pull on an old pair of runners.

He would argue that the runners were definitely no-go footwear, unlike the plaid winter warmers. I have decided it is best not to look down. If I look at his face, I can see the man is as classy as the day we married, slippers or not. - Linda Muller